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First Time Car Leasing: What Car To Choose?

If it’s your first time car leasing, you might be wondering what car to choose. There are a wide variety of vehicles out there to choose form, but we believe that the cars listed below would be an excellent choice for any driver. If you would like to discuss our car leasing deals on any of these models, please do get in touch.

A Quick Recap On Car Leasing

Before we get into our car recommendations, it’s probably worth having a quick recap of what car leasing is and how it can benefits drivers. If this is your first time car leasing, you need to be sure of what you’re signing up for. At its most basic, car leasing can be compared to renting a house. For a set period of time, each month you will pay a predetermined amount of money in return for the privilege of driving a new, modern car. For a larger initial deposit, you can reduce this monthly cost but at no point do you actually own the car.

Mileage also has a role to play as the value of a car depreciates the more it is driven. At the start of your contract you will be asked to estimate your annual mileage. The higher this figure is, the higher the monthly payments. The average annual mileage of a UK car is 10-12,000 miles a year.

The average length of a car leasing contract is 48 months but they can vary between 24 and 60. At the end of the contract you have two options. Either you sign a new contract for the latest model of a car of your choosing, or you walk away.

First Time Car Leasing: What Car To Choose?

Ford Fiesta

  • 5 Star Euro NCAP safety rating
  • Unique MyKey feature allows more experienced drivers to place restrictions on any young drivers sharing the car, including limits on speed and audio volume
  • SYNC voice activation system makes changing music and making phone calls easy
  • UK’s best-selling car in 2018

Volkswagen Golf

  • 5 Star Euro NCAP safety rating
  • An iconic and classic hatchback
  • Renowned for its engineering and reliability

Volkswagen Polo

  • Benefits from Volkswagen’s trademark reliability
  • 5 door as standard in newer models

Volkswagen up!

  • 5 Star Euro NCAP safety rating
  • A unique, fashionable and charming aesthetic
  • Compact size and agile steering is ideal for urban driving, tackling those tight corners and narrow spaces
  • Wide range of colour options
  • Additional safety options available, including an emergency braking system
  • Insurance groups 1 and 2

Renault Clio

  • 5 Star Euro NCAP safety rating
  • A fun and youthful looking car with gorgeous smooth lines
  • Light and easy steering
  • 300 litre boot that can be expanded by folding down the back seats
  • Stop Start technology helps to boost efficiency

Fiat 500

  • Distinctive retro look and bags of personality
  • Small size is an asset when it comes to parking in tight spaces
  • Light steering is perfect for city driving

Vauxhall Adam

  • 4 Star Euro NCAP safety rating
  • One of the most customisable cars in the UK, with an incredible number of bespoke options that allow you to make it personal to you
  • USB connectivity and audio controls mounted on the steering wheel
  • Firm suspension that’s ideally suited for city driving

Vauxhall Corsa

  • 4 Star Euro NCAP safety rating
  • Most popular car among UK 17 and 18 year olds in 2017
  • Sturdy and reliable with excellent storage
  • Low insurance group and road tax band

The question when it’s your first time car leasing, is what car to choose? Hopefully this quick run-through will have given you food for thought. Get in touch today to discuss our car leasing deals on 0203 854 0344 or request a free quote.

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Posted on 18th March 2019 at 4:20 PM

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