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Guide To The Best Cars For Young Drivers

Our guide to the best cars for young drivers takes into account the following key factors:
1.Fuel Cost
2.Insurance Cost
4.Safety Features

When it comes to choosing cars for young drivers, we would always recommend that you carefully consider what features are your top priority. By choosing the car leasing route and opting for a brand new car, you will have a far greater choice. In our guide to the best cars for young drivers, we’ve given you a rundown of the key features to consider and which cars we’d recommend.

1.Fuel Cost
One of the first decisions to be made is petrol or diesel. A diesel engine provides greater efficiency if you’re going to be a lot of motorway driving, but is less common in the smaller cars that young drivers tend to prefer. Petrol cars are generally cheaper to lease, which is why they are a popular choice among young drivers.

2. Insurance Cost
When looking at the best cars for young drivers, insurance costs are going to play a huge role. Young drivers face high insurance premiums but these can be lowered somewhat by the choice of car. To make things easier, cars are grouped into 50 different insurance bands and online calculators are available to determine which one your potential make and model of car falls into. The closer the number is to 1, the cheaper your car insurance will be. Examples of cars that fall into group 1 are the Vauxhall Corsa, Nissan Micra and Skoda Citigo. Cars with lower top speeds and acceleration are typically easier to insure as their owners are statistically less likely to make a claim. Similarly, cars with more advanced security features that guard against theft will qualify for lower insurance.

3. Connectivity
For young drivers, smartphone connectivity is vitally important. Streaming music or podcasts is an increasingly popular way of passing time in the car. With older car models, drivers are often restricted to plugging their smartphone in with an AUX cord. Whilst this does enable you to play your own music, you can’t do much more. The advanced Bluetooth technology that can be found in modern cars not only allows you to play music, but also make phone calls safely and make better use of SatNav apps.

4. Safety Features
For first-time drivers still gaining experience on the road, safety is absolutely crucial. Unsurprisingly, advances in technology mean that the safety features of newer cars are far superior to their predecessors. For example, braking and parking systems are becoming increasingly intelligent, with some able to recognise the presence of both vehicles and pedestrians. Ideally, safety would always trump cost when it comes to owning a vehicle. By car leasing a more up-to-date model rather than buying a banged up second hand vehicle, you can feel safer in your car.

Our Recommended Best Cars For Young Drivers

SEAT Ibiza
As well as its sporty good looks, the SEAT Ibiza is packed full of features, including mobile wireless charging and audio streaming. There is no compromise on safety with its pedestrian detection giving first time drivers a sense of reassurance.

Skoda Citigo
An economical and affordable drive, the Skoda Citigo also looks pretty stylish. It can be made even more so with additional extras, including stripes and alloys. Some models fall into the cheapest insurance group, making it an ideal choice for a young driver.

Vauxhall Corsa
One of the most popular cars for young drivers, the Vauxhall Corsa is available in a variety of engine sizes, including a low-emissions version for the environmentally conscious. Spacious and pleasant to drive, this compact car is an excellent all-rounder.

Suzuki Swift
With a slightly different look to other superminis, the compact Suzuki Swift is ideal for drivers still getting to grips with parking. It has low running costs and has received an excellent star safety rating from the Euro NCAP.

Ford Fiesta
Considered to be reliable and dependable, it’s no surprise that the Ford Fiesta is one of the UK’s best-selling cars. A smooth and fun drive, it also scores well in safety testing and has plenty of space. Concerned parents, who may be sharing the car, can make use of the nifty MyKey feature. Simply put, depending on which key is used, the car can be prevented from performing certain actions. For example, you can set a maximum speed or limit the audio volume.

If you enjoyed our guide to the best cars for young drivers, or would like to learn more about car leasing, please do get in touch on 0203 854 0344 or request a free quote.

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Posted on 16th November 2018 at 9:30 AM

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