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Most Important Car Safety Features 2019

  1. Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)
  2. Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
  3. Front View Camera

The Most Important Car Safety Features 2019

1. Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

AEB is an excellent example of how artificial intelligence can be used to improve vehicle safety, which is why it’s being increasingly fitted to new cars. The purpose of this technology is to act as a safeguard for distracted drivers who aren’t giving the road ahead or behind their full attention. It works by monitoring the area around the car to see if there is a chance that you are about to hit something in front or to the rear of the car. If the AEB system judges that risk to be high, it will automatically apply the brakes on the car. Should you decide that you are more comfortable relying on your own judgement, the AEB system can normally be turned off.

2. Lane Departure Warnings (LDW)

Rather than automatically applying the brakes like an AEB system, lane departure warnings will simply alert you if you begin to drift sideways. The nature of that alert will vary between manufacturers and car models, but will typically be a distinctive audible noise or vibration of the seat or wheel. Cars boasting such technology will have sensors fitted to the sideview mirrors which can identify clearly visible road markings. If there is snow or heavy rain, the system may not be able to fully function. Many cars with LDW technology also have a Lane Keeping System (LKS). As well as alerting you that the car is beginning to veer, an LKS will also gentle apply the brakes in a way which helps to recentre you within the lane. This is far lighter touch than the abrupt stop of an AEB system.

3. Front View Cameras

More commonly known as dashcams, front view cameras have become incredibly popular in the last couple of years and are on course to become one of the most important car safety features in 2019. In contrast to rear view cameras which exist to improve driver’s parking and reversing, front view cameras are simply there to record anything happening in front of the vehicle. If something unfortunate should occur during a journey, you can review the footage and potentially use it as evidence to identify who is at fault.

As well as being useful from an accident perspective, they’re also a brilliant way to record any stunning views or enjoyable routes that you experience whilst driving. In addition, several UK police forces now actively encourage the public to send them any dashcam videos they have which contain evidence of dangerous driving or criminal activity.

Until now, car owners have generally had to go out, buy and fit their own dashcam themselves. Whilst these bolt-on cameras certainly do the job, the associated trailing wires dangling down from the top of the windscreen can be an annoyance and hinderance. In addition, it prevents use of the cigarette lighter plug for anything else, such as a phone charger.

However, car manufacturers are now recognising the popularity and choosing to offer them either as an option or as standard. As a result, the internal aesthetics of the vehicle are vastly improved and car owners don’t need to worry about fitting one themselves.

If you’re keen to drive a car that has the most important car safety features in 2019, car leasing could be an excellent option. With short term contracts you can easily switch between the latest models. Request a quote or apply for finance today.

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Posted on 27th February 2019 at 5:22 PM

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